Thursday 26 May 2011

AWTAR AL-QUDS / STRINGS OF JERUSALEM, May 30st, 2011 in Vienna Austria

Venue: Theater Nestroyhof / Hamakom

Soprano: Sylvia Khittl-Muhr (Austria)
Bouzouq, Viola: Ramzi Aburedwan (Palestine)
Piano: Anna Magdalena Kokits (Austria)
Piano: Kristin Okerlund (USA)
Oud: Bakr Khleifi (Palestine)
Oud: Dimitros Mikelis (Greece)
Percussion: Ibrahim Elfroukh (Palestine)
Vocals: Oday Khatib (Palestine)
Recitation: Bettina Waldner-Barnay (Austria)


(General Director/ Centre for Jerusalem Studies,
Al-Quds University Jerusalem)
PETRA R. KLOSE (Project Development / College of Music; Music Manager, K&K Vienna)

"Mignon" by Hugo Wolf: Sylvia Khittl-Muhr, Kristin Okerlund
Abstracts from "Once upon a country" by Sari Nusseibeh: Bettina Waldner Barnay
Compositions, Arrangements of classic oriental Music by Ramzi Aburedwan: Bakr Khleifi, Ramzi Aburedwan, Dimitrios Mikelis, Ibrahim Elfroukh, Oday Khatib
"Nine Bagatelles" by William Bolcom: Anna Magdalena Kokits
Nocturne in F minor, op.55/1 by Frederic Chopin: Anna Magdalena Kokits
"Adieu de l'hôtesse arabe'' by Georges Bizet: Sylvia Khittl-Muhr, Kristin Okerlund
The concert evening AWTAR AL-QUDS (Strings of Jerusalem) combines interpreters and compositions of classic oriental and western European music. The program includes works for Oud, Bouzok, Viola and Piano by Ramzi Aburedwan, Hugo Wolf, Georges Bizet, Fréderic Chopin and William Bolcom as well as recitation of abstracts from ‘Once upon a land’ by Sari Nusseibeh.

The evening is launching the project ‘College of Music’ which is being developed by the Al-Quds University in Jerusalem. The new faculty of music will be providing musical education, professional training and academic activities at the highest level for young performers, composers and scholars. Students will be encouraged to develop their own individual musical language and expression, gaining artistic input and honing their technical skills to better listen, analyze and produce musical works of art. Music is an integral part of the profound spiritual and cultural life of Jerusalem and of its rich history. The work of the new centre shall be inspired by as well as inspire the surroundings at the crossroads of musical civilizations in the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Concert ticket takings & donations will be provided to the project.

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